about us

WEFAcolors & Premier Products GmbH(Germany) go together:

We about us … and our requirements towards ourselves for you. .

WEFAcolors was founded in 2005 as a tattoo color and utility producer.

The possessor and his team set themselves to go new ways in the recipe and production of tattoo colors and giving the tattoo color market new impulses this way.

Our requirement towards us for you is among others to make tattoo colors more compatible with the skin with the help of new innovations and selection. Therefore, scientific research has a high significance in our company. Hence, we dissociate us from all kinds of esoteric and unreasonable, untenable and not scientifically testable statements as you can find them in our branch.

As ingredients of our colors and the corresponding additional helping ingredients for tattoing we are using the best possible available cosmetic and medical raw materials, exclusive from EU-production, conform to the EU-resolution ResAP (2008)1 as well as the cosmetics regulation, directive 76/768/EEC, appendix II and appendix IV, columns 2 to 4.

Corresponding to our own strict benchmarks we let control our products in terms of chemical ingredients and biological state. These are the aromatic amines and heavy metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) as well as the test for sterility in the CLT-laboratory Bielefeld.

A modern colorimetry makes it possible for us to put a diverse range of color hues at our disposal. 44 color variants offer the tattoo artist the variety of colors, which she or he needs for his artistic evolvement.

Together with our partner company Premier Products GmbH(Germany) we see ourselves as partner of the professional tattoo artist.

It is our philosophy to offer the tattoo artist and her or his customers the greatest possible security by the following principles: Optimal processing, a multitude of brilliant colors, beautifulness, color fastness, good skin-friendliness and long durability.

The sales all over Europe of our WEFAcolors products is done by our partner Premier Products GmbH(germany) with their corresponding, reliable and ideal service.